2.3 Configuration

After you have successfully installed SPIN a few more steps are required to get in business.

Initial boot

The first time you start the Valibox, it may take a few minutes while the device is getting settled.

  1. At some point you should see a new WiFi network called ‘SIDN-Valibox-(code)’. The code should match the last 3 letters of the MAC address printed on the bottom of the Valibox. Connect to this network.
  2. Open a browser and go to http://valibox.

You should get the following page:


If you get an error ‘502 Bad Gateway’ you may need to wait a little bit longer until the device has finished starting up.

On this screen you can set up 3 things:

  1. A new name for the wireless network
  2. A password for the wireless network
  3. A password to administer the machine

Once this is done, the Valibox will reboot and you are ready to go! 😄

Advanced configuration

If you want to have any special configuration, browse to http://valibox. and click ‘configuration’. You will be presented with the OpenWRT configuration screen (LuCI). The login name there is ‘root’ and the password is the password you have set on first use.

There is a tab there with ValiBox-specific settings. All other pages there are the standard OpenWRT / LuCI configuration pages.