2.1 Use the pre-build firmware

This method is the recommended one for novice users.

ValiBox with SPIN

SPIN can be run on top of an earlier SIDN Labs project called ValiBox, a home router with DNSSEC validation functionality. Firmware images are available for certain supported GL-iNet devices. They extend the ValiBox router with SPIN functionality. In the requirements section you can find further details about which hardware is supported.

Turris Omnia

SPIN can also be installed on a Turris Omnia, thus extending the Turris router with SPIN functionality (but not the ValiBox DNSSEC validating resolver).

Please note:
Turris firmware images are not currently available. This is work in progress.

Raspberry Pi

SPIN can also be installed on a Raspberry Pi, thus extending it with SPIN functionality.

Please note:
Not currently available. We expect to create SPIN packages that can be installed with a packaging tool.

Firmware image downloads

The firmware itself can be downloaded from the beta section of the ValiBox site. There are quite some previous versions available in this download directory. Select the latest version. Once you have it installed on a device, it will automatically upgrade itself via a web interface.

Please be advised that SPIN is experimental software. Do not use it in production.