2.1.1 Hardware requirements

Hardware from GL-iNet

Precompiled ‘ValiBox with SPIN’ firmware images are available for the following GL-iNet devices:

These devices are running OpenWRT.

Turris Omnia

We are working on images for the Turris Omnia and Raspberry Pi as well, but they are not currently available.

Firmware for the Turris Omnia router will contain standalone SPIN functionality without ValiBox functionality (such as the ValiBox DNSSEC validating resolver with ‘negative trust anchor’ feature).

This devices also runs OpenWRT.

Raspberry Pi

We will also create packages for the Rasberry Pi. However, at this moment they are not available.

This devices is running a variant of Linux.


If you own different hardware and are interested in having us create firmware for it, please let us know and we will see what we can do.