3.1 Initial boot



In the example above, a SPIN device (in this case a GL-iNet mini router) is connected to a free LAN port of an existing home router. All devices on the LAN side of the SPIN device (wired of via WiFi) benefit from this. In another scenario the SPIN device might be the main router (connected directly to the Internet).

The same applies to other SPIN devices, such as a Turris Omnia or Raspberry Pi. They too can be connected ‘behind’ an existing router, or function as the main gateway to the Intenet.

Start up

When the power is connected, the device will start up. This can take a minute or so.

Make sure you are connected behind the SPIN device, either by cable or via WiFi. Then, once the SPIN device has booted, surf to:

http://valibox./spin/graph.html (TODO: might be GL-iNet specific)

Meaning of LED lights

TODO (GL-iNet specific?)