Upload a PCAP file

Help us in our research, and we’ll help you!

You can upload captured traffic from IoT devices here, and we’ll run our analyses. If you select ‘show in public index’, your file will also appear on the overview page and be available for other researchers.

Please note that by default, most capture software captures all network data, so please make sure there is no sensitive data in the files you upload.

You will be redirected to the analysis result page after uploading; the analyses will have been scheduled but may take some time to process, so initially it will not show much data. You can bookmark or reload the results page to see if any analysis module has finished.

In order to make this page easily available, we don’t ask for the creation of an account. This does, however, mean that the results page is publicly reachable for anyone that knows the URL, even if it is not included in the overview page.