4. Getting help

Do you need help with SPIN ? Or do you have other questions? Please send an e-mail to sidnlabssidn.nl.

There is also a public mailing list where you can participate. This can be found at:


Important note (click to expand):


Word Meaning
GL-iNet Manufacturer of small, OpenWRT-based, mini routers, that can be used to run SPIN firmware.
IoT Internet of Things.
SPIN Stands for Security and Privacy for In-home Networks - an open source reference softwareplatform for secure and privacy-enabled IoT home networks.
Turris Omnia Router made by CZ.NIC based on open source hardware and OpenWRT. Capable of running SPIN firmware.
ValiBox Previous SIDN Labs project consisting of GL-iNet (firmware) with DNSSEC validating resolver with Negative Trust Anchor (NTA) management. Beta versions of the firmware have been extended with SPIN functionality.